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(IMPORTANT-- Beginning January 2014, Dr. Frye will have a new office location-- 245 East 54th Street. An updated website will appear soon.)

Welcome to the
Urology Practice of
Suzanne Frye, M.D.

Urology is the medical-surgical specialty that deals with the urinary system (kidneys and bladder) of both men and women, and the reproductive system of men. The focus of Dr. Suzanne Frye's urology practice is the treatment of urologic problems encountered by women.

The common problems for which women see Dr. Frye include urinary tract infections, incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary frequency and urgency, bladder hypersensitivity and pain, and various other bladder symptoms. Patients also often consult Dr. Frye for the finding of blood in the urine, either visible blood or blood found only on a urine test.

Dr. Frye is committed to providing quality female urologic care in a pleasant, supportive environment. All patients in the practice are women of various ages. The office staff is composed entirely of women. Because urologic problems can feel very distressing and urgent, appointments are scheduled as soon as possible. Dr. Frye and her staff realize that women have busy schedules, so the office makes every effort to have each patient seen promptly at the time of her appointment, with minimal waiting.

The office itself provides an atmosphere in which patients feel comfortable. The attractive, welcoming space is decorated with artifacts from around the world, reflecting Dr. Frye's interest in world cultures. Some of these works are shown on the Office Art page of this website.